How Allegra Jackson Came Into Being

allegra_jacksonI have always been fascinated with strong powerful women. There is something quite inspiring about a determined independent lady who knows what she wants and where she wants to be.

I’m also fascinated by fashion and the way clothing can be used to express and extend your personality and lift your spirits at the same time.

When you combine both you get super-bitch Allegra Jackson. Beautiful, confident, ambitious, and very fashion forward. Allegra is smart, business savvy, and unashamed of her sexuality.

I set out to write a fun, romantic book that would appeal to people of all legal ages; hopefully I have achieved that. The other characters are also very close to my heart–Oliver especially. He is likeable, loyal and would make a great BF!!! I take Allegra to LA to clean up a dysfunctional office where more troubles seem to find her. Allegra is very money motivated, but even she has to think twice when she gets an offer that involves a great deal of money but challenges her shallow persona in ways she never could have imagined.

I think readers will be surprised at Allegra. She seems very superficial to begin with, but give her time ….