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I cannot express in words the gratitude and appreciation I have for everyone that has read Sex booze & designer shoes. I have had an overwhelming response from my readers which still surprises me! This also gives me the drive and inspiration to continue the journey of Allegra. I much prefer “readers” as opposed to “fans” that’s a tad superficial (ill leave that to Allegra)

You will all hopefully be pleased to know that I am working on the next instalment which is just as sordid and fabulous as SB&DS!!  THATS A PROMISE!!!

I would love to connect with you all, so please do say hello. I am interested in your views opinion’s in anything even if its just fashion related.

So for many of you that have read chapter 15 you will know that Allegra is taken to Beverly hills Garden park by Sebastian where he corners of a small area with candles in the shape of a heart as a romantic gesture. He also provides her with a traditional British dish of “Fish and chips” to remind her of home.

I do have a question for all my readers which will help with my next instalment. I want to know “what has been the most romantic gift/gesture that someone has ever done for you?

Amelia xxx

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