Racing to read : For me Allegra is like a giant train wreck you want to look away from but can’t. or one of those reality shows you know you shouldn’t enjoy but do. She is very open with her life style and really enjoys sex. She isn’t ashamed of it and has no problem with it. She is great at her job and while some may not like her attitude she gets things done. I enjoyed this book and even when I could see some things coming Allegra didn’t it still was a good read. Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes is a good title for this as the book is full of it. If these things upset you don’t bother picking this up as you will not enjoy the book. I liked reading to see what would happen to Allegra next and I do enjoy as even though she is an adult at the end she seem to be getting her life into a more grown up place. I also got several laughs reading this as she finds her self in some unusual place with some unusual places.
3 out of 5 Stars

A coffee mums book review : My Review
Allegra Jackson, well this is a first for me. Her character to me is a Sexy, Strong, Independent Alpha-Female! I loved it. Normally I’m reading about an Alpha Male to read this book and realize that it’s the opposite was a breath of fresh air. She is head strong and knows exactly what she wants. Her career is her number one priority. She’s so lucky too, she attends the hottest parties and meets the sexiest people. I found myself kind of jealous but the more I read, the more I found myself living vicariously through her. Oliver, her assistant is so funny, I love him.

She loves London so much but when she is sent to L.A. for a few months to Head the VBM agency and bring in some new talent, she gets a bit of a shock. She’s been there before, but for never this long. She feels so lonely and misses London more each day, until she meets Sebastian Beaumont. He is a real estate mogul and the man that any woman would throw themselves at. Rich, powerful and he has his eyes set on Allegra. That is one hot relationship. Her boss Valentina Blackheart tells Allegra she’s coming to L.A. to spend some quality time with her, which Allegra finds weird at first, maybe she does just want to spend sometime with her, after all they have known each other long enough. It’s just not like Valentina. She attends some elite parties with some Hot and Top Designers and finds herself actually calming down and having fun, she misses London of course but people are making it so easy to relax and enjoy the time she has in L.A. Valentina propositions Allegra with something so big she can’t be sure Valentina is serious. When she finds out just how serious she is in a Contract does she jump at this life altering proposition? Or does she continue to climb the business latter keeping everyone at an arms length. The proposition would make Allegra very rich, but she’d have to give up all the fun she loves to have, meaning the sex, the booze and possibly the designer shoes for a while.

Allegra is slapped in the face with so many things that have happened so quickly since she’s been in L.A. Two men completely in love with her. Her boss wanting to use Allegra for something she’s not so sure she even wants. Allegra’s life is quickly changing and she’s either got to give in or get out. What does she do? Well you have to read to find out. I quickly fell in love with this book. I thought it was amazingly written and had me on the edge of my seat. Two Hot Guys, One Crazy Proposition from Valentina…I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t put it down.

I give this book 5 Designer Stars of course! It had everything, a C-R-A-Z-Y proposition, sexy men and some seriously Hot scenes. Plus I LOVE Fashion. It was a win/win

Shattering words:” A story with humour and drama, but more humour, that offers us readers an insight into the life of Allegra Jackson, an insight in the life of all the glamorous people with more money than what to do with… 4.5 stars”

Storm goddess book reviews:”We’re kinda doing the genre blending here. One part chick lit, a few parts erotic, and full part hilarious. You just gotta love a heroine that’s a bit wild and crazy. Uncensored. Oh yeah, that’s exactly what’s going on here.  I had a blast following along in Allergra’s head. Sure brought on a few giggle fits. I felt like my kiddo with the uncontrollable laughing at times.  It’s got some wit, great banter and a plot that wasn’t too predictable. 3.5 stars”


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